“Service in School. Serving me or Serving you?” Online Round Square Zoom Postcard

Emeralites attended the Online Round Square Zoom Postcard event, organised by Gordonstoun School, Gordonstoun, United Kingdom on the theme, “Service in School. Serving me or Serving you?” on 22 November 2023. After the introduction, the students joined their respective breakout rooms wherein they shared their views. Later Q & A session was organised, where the students asked questions related to how service is an essential aspect of everybody’s life, why is it important, whom do they see as their inspirations for providing service, etc.
It was a tremendous learning experience for the students as they got the opportunity to interact with students from different nations with different ideologies. The student delegates represented our school were Garv Sharma, Riddhi Deraria, Aarna Singh, Ivan Sood, Viraj Mishra and Saachi Acharya.