The Emerald Heights Alumni Sports Meet 2024 (EHASM2024) reached its thrilling conclusion, marking the end of five days, from 1st to 5th May, 2024, filled with spirited competition and camaraderie. Around 500 alumni spanning various graduating batches came together to celebrate their shared love for sports and their alma mater, making this event a monumental success.


Throughout EHASM2024, alumni from the Class of 1992 to the recent 2024 batch displayed remarkable skill and passion on the field, captivating audiences and igniting the competitive spirit. The semi-finals and finals were particularly thrilling, with each team leaving their mark and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of celebration and friendly rivalry.


The closing ceremony was graced by esteemed Guest of Honor, Lt. Colonel Gaurav Gupta, alumnus from the batch of 1996, Chief Guests, Mr. Muktesh Singh, Mrs. Harshita Singh, and Mr. Akram Khan, who applauded the participants for their outstanding performances and exemplary sportsmanship.


Key Highlights of EHASM2024



  • Champions: Royal Emeralite – Captain – Karan Punjabi
  • Runner-up: Emerald Elite – Captain – Dheeraj Motwani 
  • 2nd Runner-up: Emerald Warriors – Captain – Bharat Bajaj
  • Fair Play Award: Enigma Elite – Captain – Vinayak Gupta


Individual Accolades

  • Player of the Tournament – Nikhil Arora (Emerald Warriors)
  • Best Batsman – Nikhil Arora (Emerald Warriors) – 239 runs
  • Best Bowler – Kartik Motwani (Emerald Elite) – 10 wickets
  • Best Fielder – Himachal Singh (The Boyz) – 9 Dismissals
  • Best Catch – Abhishek Jaiswal (The Boyz)
  • Best Wicket-Keeper – Karan Punjabi (Royal Emeralite)



  • Champions: The Boyz – Captain – Harsh Bhandari
  • Runner-up: Emerald Phantoms – Captain – Aman Singhania
  • 2nd Runner-up: Emerald United – Captain – Mohd. Khafique Khan
  • Fair Play Award: Emerald Warriors – Captain – Sadik Patel


Individual Accolades

  • Player of the Tournament – Most Goal of the Tournament: Rajat Modi (The Boyz) (7-Goals)
  • Best Goalkeeper: Shoeb Khan (The Boyz)
  • Best Defender: Rishiraj Singh Rathore (Emerald Phantoms)
  • Best Midfielder: Laxman Singh (Emerald United)



Women’s Category

  • Winner: Emerald Sparkles – Anamika Singh and Zenil Patel
  • Runner-up: Emerald Valkyries – Sheetal Jaiswal and Nidhi Balani
  • 2nd Runner-up: Feathers – Namrata Otwani and Drishti Somani

Men’s – Above 35 Category

  • Winner: Smashers – Vinay Kumar Jain and Sudhir Jain
  • Runner-up: Smash X – Ashish Jaiswal and Parag Jain
  • 2nd Runner-up: Avengers – Siddharth Singh and Pranav Soni

Men’s – Below 35 Category

  • Winner: Spartans – Vatsal Nyati and Piyush Gattani
  • Runner-up: Strikers – Harshit Mishra and Aaradhya Chordia
  • 2nd Runner-up: Unorthodoxly Unorthodox – Rhythem Jain and Divyansh Upadhyay

Mix – Above 35 Category

  • Winner: Marvels – Siddharth Singh and Anamika Singh
  • Runner-up: Flying High – Namrata Otwani and Pranav Soni
  • 2nd Runner-up: Smashers The Eyry – Ashish Jaiswal and Priyanka Agrawal Parihar


Mix – Below 35 Category

  • Winner: Renegades – Harshit Mishra and Zenil Patel
  • Runner-up: Flight Fury – Gopal Garg and Nidhi Balani
  • 2nd Runner-up: Net Knights – Ishika Agrawal and Yug Khandelwal

Beyond the trophies and accolades, EHASM2024 succeeded in its primary objective of fostering stronger bonds among alumni, rekindling memories, and creating new friendships on and off the field.


As EHASM2024 draws to a close, heartfelt congratulations are extended to all the award winners, whose talent and dedication shone brightly throughout the tournament. Sincere gratitude is also expressed to every alumni participant who contributed to making this event a monumental success.


With eager anticipation, we look forward to welcoming everyone back next year for another exhilarating edition of EHASM2025, promising even greater participation and excitement.