Collaborative Partners


  • The College Board – The College Board runs Advanced Placement (AP) Program that allows students to take courses right in their high school that can earn them college credit and/or qualify them for more advanced classes when they begin college for universities in USA/Canada. With The College Board, the school runs:
  • SAT / AP Test Administration Center: It provides conducive environment to the students of the entire state to take the standardized test.
  • Khan Academy For SAT / PSAT And AP Preparation: The students are encouraged to be active on Khan Academy for the early preparation and skill enhancement.
  • Institute of Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy (ICTRC) – In the recent years the higher education landscape of the country has undergone rapid changes. Similarly the number of career options have also increased exponentially. Being the Project Paradigm Partners (PPP) with ICTRC, we believe in growing together and contributing to the success of the students across the state.
  • International Career and College Counselling (IC3): The school collaborates with IC3 and actively engages in the career fairs, counselors’ tours, regional conferences, IC3 institute to keep abreast of the existing and changing trends in the educational and employment sector.
  • International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC): We proudly share that we are now the members of the IACAC is a professional network to aid our students with daily questions and concerns related to study abroad. The school counsellor attends all the workshops, panels, and conferences which focus on current issues and professional development. We host and attend the social events and avail the benefits of networking opportunities, discussions on important educational developments, and news notes from fellow members, which in turn better assist us in the college and career counselling.

In a nutshell, we encourage our students to take charge of their own education, and learn and explore as much as they can.

We feel proud to share:

  • We are the First AP Test Administration Center in the Central India.
  • We are the open SAT Test Center, and also offer SAT guidance in the school premises.
  • We conduct PSAT right from Class-VIII, to provide the reflection of their prospective challenges.
  • We are UCAS registered.