Emerald Heights Model United Nations (EHMUN)

Since its inception in 2015, the Emerald Heights International School has been a steadfast host of annual Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. These conferences serve as a vibrant platform that draws participation from schools across diverse regions of the country, creating a dynamic tapestry of ideas, perspectives, and collaborative engagement. Through EHMUN, we strive to foster a spirit of diplomacy, critical thinking, and global awareness among the young minds that shape our future.

Over the years, our MUN conferences have left an indelible mark, epitomizing the values of open discourse, intellectual rigor, and intercultural exchange. Each conference becomes a microcosm of the global arena, as students from various schools gather to simulate the proceedings of international committees. These simulations, ranging from the General Assembly to specialized bodies, mirror the real-world diplomatic landscape, offering participants a nuanced understanding of international relations, policy formulation, and effective negotiation.

Through EHMUN, participants are challenged to transcend their comfort zones. They delve into the intricate nuances of assigned nations, grapple with complex global issues, and channel their eloquence and persuasion into fruitful debates. Collaborative problem-solving takes center stage as delegates work together to draft resolutions that address multifaceted challenges, reflecting the essence of international diplomacy.

EHMUN is not only a testament to our commitment to holistic education but also a beacon of our students’ intellectual prowess and global perspective. With each passing year, our conferences draw increasing participation and attention, solidifying EHMUN’s reputation as a transformative educational experience.

In this spirit, we invite you to join us in celebrating the legacy of EHMUN, where young leaders convene, ideas flourish, and the foundations of diplomacy are laid. As we reflect on the conferences hosted and the impact they’ve had, we eagerly anticipate the continued growth and success of Emerald Heights Model United Nations, propelling us towards a future of informed, engaged, and globally conscious individuals.