Career Guidance Process


Welcome to Takshashila – The Centre for Career and Global Studies, our school’s the well-equipped career counselling department, where we recognize the pivotal role of guiding students through the rapidly changing scenarios of today’s professional world. In an era marked by continuous transformation and diverse career opportunities, our school’s commitment to career counseling goes beyond the conventional academic support, since we work on a theme, “Build a resume, not a resume”. We understand the importance of preparing students not just for exams, but for the uncertain journey awaiting ahead. Our experienced career counselors provide invaluable guidance, equipping students with the needed skills, insights, and self-awareness needed to navigate the evolving job market. As industries shift and new/unconventional career paths unfold, career counseling acts as a compass, ensuring that students’ educational journey aligns seamlessly with the dynamic demands of the professional landscape. Explore the possibilities, discover their potentials, and let these experiences be the compass to navigate a successful future.

Nothing comes without the involvement of the significant stakeholders in the due course, and the roadmaps are garnered with the scientific collaborative efforts comprising: 

  • Parents’ Orientation Sessions: Time to time, parents’ sessions are conducted so as to apprise them of the changing trends in the higher education landscape, plethora of options apart from the traditional degrees, emergence and significance of liberal arts institutions, importance of participation in various activities for developing quintessential skills.

  • Stream/Subject Selection via Psychometric Testing: DBDA psychometric testing, in association with ICTRC, Delhi, is conducted for each and every student of Class-X. The subjects are allotted considering the convergence of A-P-I trio- Aptitude, Personality and Interest.

  • Personality Tests and Interest Inventory Assessments: The importance of personality and interest cannot be ignored in career decision making. Henceforth, the students are suggested to partake personality test and understand what careers suit their personality.

  • Exposure to Career Related Webinars: Students from Class VIII to XII attend webinars/sessions/workshops with renowned universities across the globe to get updates about the changing trends in their course offerings, eligibility criteria, and application requirements.

  • Individual University Visits (all countries): Besides country specific universities’ fairs, the school invites the representatives from various universities across the globe to impart meaningful insights on the opportunities offered and the changing trends in career domains.  

  • Classes by College Professors: Getting a feel of the classes conducted by the university Professors gives the students an understanding and preparedness of the upcoming phase, which not only builds on their knowledge, but also assists in taking an informed decision. Henceforth, the school co-functions with university professors to formulate compatible workshops/classes both, on campus, as well as online.  

  • Country Specific Fairs: To avoid mingling the important information, we ensure to capture the attention on the most pertinent facets of decision making by hosting a cohort of universities from one country at a time. Our fairs from diverse countries like the United States of America (USA), Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), Europe, Australia, Ireland, etc. have been super successful year by year.

  • Panel Discussions with Higher Institution Delegates: With paradigm shift, there is a parallel significant shift in the higher education sector too. The emergence of liberal arts and interdisciplinary concept is the way forward to experiential learning, also the dire need for students’ success in the unprecedented scenario. Furthering the same, the counseling department hosts the delegates from higher education institutions to discuss these changes with the students and the parents.

  • Alumni Panel Discussions: We believe our alumni to be our opulent wealth and hence we keep hosting them for having talks with the current students. This is the most supportive activity which not only gives them direct industry information, but also motivates and inspires them to follow the promising legacy footsteps.

  • Standardized Test Preparation Awareness: SAT, IELTS, AP preparation awareness stems right from Class VIII, IX and X.

  • Scholarship Search for Potentiated Overseas Applicants: The counselling team ensures that students do not lose out on the opportunities of studying at their preferred countries for the want of funding. Thus, these students are guided well from the very initial point so as to meet the expectations of the universities, and avail substantial scholarships.  The school also exposes the students to outside scholarship programs to meet the financial needs.

  • CIALFO: The counselling department operates on the software called CIALFO, wherein each student and parent (Class IX-XII) can track the progress of the student. The software contains the full wealth of career information on various streams, entrance exam details, university connections, scholarships, essay prompts, and college options, which can be accessed at any point of time at no additional cost.

  • Exclusive College Application Assistance to Overseas as well as Domestic Applicants: The students receive handholding when it comes to applying at the universities. The detailed boot-camps are taken wherein step by step process is explained, beginning from creating the accounts till they click the SUBMIT button. internal deadlines are set for the students in adjunct to the deadlines to maintain quality and avoid last moment hassles. 

  • Our 3 Step-Strategic Approach in Creating Career Awareness: 
    Large Group Counselling sessions (40 students): A set of around 35-40 students with similar subjects attend the ‘Career Talks’ in a group setting where relevant career activities and options, future prospects with pathways are discussed at length.
    Small Group Counselling Sessions (4-10 students): The large group counselling is followed by small group session which caters to a set of students with similar and specific interest area, i. e. 4-6 students interested in pursuing Actuarial Sciences/Psychology/Political Sciences/Designing/ likewise.
    The One-to-One Counselling Sessions: Once the tone is set in the group sessions, the student then opens out and shares the issues/barriers in pursuit of any specific career, wherein a much customized trajectory is developed for him/her.

  • Effective Supporting Activities for Skill Enhancement: 
    Internships: The school capitalizes with the entire school parent body, as well as the successful alumni placed at various sectors to help students fetch internships, to supports students in better understanding the nature and demands of the chosen field.
    Summer Programs Across The Globe: Students are encouraged to and have successfully participated in novel Summer Programs to experience the collegiate level courses and get a feel of campus life. Some popular ones to mention: Stanford University (USA), Cornell University (USA), Oxford University (Oxford, UK), Polytechnic University of Hong Kong,  Ashoka University (Haryana), OP Jindal Global University (Delhi), ISDI ISME (Mumbai), Flame University (Pune) a few to mention.
    Research Avenues: Research allows the students to pursue their interests, learn something new, and hone problem-solving skills and to challenge themselves in new ways. Thus, the school hooks up with prestigious stakeholders in the spectrum, like:
    Global Research Immersion Program (GRIP), Corporate Gurukul, Singapore
    Shoolini University Patenting Programs
    Shiv Nadar University
    Lumiere Researches
    Pioneer Projects
    AFS BP Global STEM Academies Program
    Besides, our students also carry out independent research on projects like bank liquidity, ancient Egyptian fashion, waste management, water conservation, solar energy, bio farming, muscular dystrophy, etc. 

  • Student Publications’ Support:  Keeping the fact that the high school students struggle getting the publishing platforms which brings down the morale of the students at times, the school scrutinizes the amateur papers presented by the students thereby publishing them on the school website under the tab ‘Student Publications’ which is a fresh yet novel initiative.

  • Community Service Projects: To imbibe the service spirit, students from Classes IX to XII voluntarily step ahead to serve the community by creating awareness on different themes covering economic, environment and social sectors.