Silver Jubilee Reunion: Class of 1994

The Class of 1994 came together for a Reunion to celebrate the completion of their 25 years of passing school. We were delighted that this reunion had the best turnout ever. To relive the school life, all the students gathered at Manoramaganj campus to board the school bus for our main campus at Rau. After the school prayer in the main hall, the President of the school welcomed and addressed the alumni and shared his varied experiences with them which rekindled many memories of their journey in the school. The alumni honoured the President of the school with a memento and a shawl.

Welcome drinks were served with breakfast in the dining hall. Later campus tour was enjoyed by all the alumni followed by lunch at President Sir’s residence.

Entertainment started with a T20 cricket match followed by Tambola at the library. Finally, the beautiful gathering concluded with presenting titles to the batch mates. Flowing tears, joy marked the reunion scores in Emerald Heights.