Inaugural Silver Jubilee Reunion: Class of 1991


The inaugural Silver Jubilee reunion of our school’s pioneering batch of 1991 marked a momentous occasion, commencing with a heartfelt tribute to the visionary founder principal, Late Smt. Suneeta Singh, through the offering of flowers. 

The alumni, representing the early years of our school’s journey, graced the assembly alongside current students in the grand Maharana Pratap Sports Complex. The students, eager to welcome their predecessors, presented bouquets as a gesture of admiration and respect. In turn, the alumni imparted words of wisdom and encouragement to the students, sharing experiences from their own academic journey.

A highlight of the day was the alumni’s presentation of the prestigious PG Miller Quiz trophy to its deserving winners, fostering a sense of camaraderie and academic excellence. The alumni, in recognition of their enduring bond with the alma mater, were honored with mementos by the esteemed President.

As the day unfolded, filled with laughter, reminiscences, and shared stories, it left an indelible mark on all present, encapsulating a legacy of pride and cherished memories.