Round Square

Embracing Round Square: Nurturing Global Citizenship

At the heart of The Emerald Heights International School’s educational journey lies its profound affiliation with Round Square, a transformative global network comprising 230 kindred schools hailing from 50 nations. This association transcends borders and ideologies, uniting schools in collaborative endeavors that encompass an array of enriching activities, such as service projects, leadership initiatives, exchange programs, and both regional and international conferences. Through Round Square, our students are provided with a fertile ground to cultivate leadership skills, foster a deep sense of environmental stewardship, embrace democracy, engage in community service, and embrace the ideals of internationalism.

Central to the Round Square philosophy is the belief in experiential learning that transcends traditional classroom confines. As a member school, Emerald Heights actively participates in service projects that extend a helping hand to communities in need, instilling a sense of compassion and the spirit of service in our students. Leadership, a skill integral to navigating the complexities of the modern world, is nurtured through active involvement in projects and programs that require strategic thinking, collaborative problem-solving, and the ability to inspire change.

Our engagement with Round Square further materializes in the form of student exchanges – short-term, intercultural experiences that bridge geographical and cultural gaps. These exchanges not only broaden horizons but also foster a deep appreciation for diversity, propelling students towards becoming empathetic and globally-minded citizens.

We understand that genuine learning flourishes in practical, cross-cultural, and collaborative settings. Round Square conferences provide precisely this environment, offering students a platform to connect with peers from around the world, exchange ideas, and collectively contemplate solutions to global challenges. These conferences encapsulate the essence of Round Square’s core values, enabling our students to emerge as holistic individuals equipped with a well-rounded education.

As we reflect on our Round Square journey, we are thrilled to share glimpses of the impactful conferences attended by our students. These gatherings are not just events; they are crucibles of inspiration, learning, and personal growth. They stand as testimonies to our commitment to nurturing global citizens who are equipped to make meaningful contributions to our interconnected world. Through Round Square, The Emerald Heights International School continues to nurture a legacy of compassion, leadership, and international understanding, enriching lives and communities along the way.