Round Square Zoom Postcard Event Organised By Aiglon College, Switzerland

Emeralites attended the Online Round Square Zoom Postcard event, organised by Aiglon College in Switzerland with the theme “Eco Schools’ Green Flag Award” on 6th December 2023. The session started with an address by guest speaker, Mr. Kamran Karic a young leader from Aiglon College. The speaker eloquently highlighted their contributions to cultural diversity, sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.
After the introduction the students joined their respective breakout rooms wherein they shared their views. Later Q & A session was organised, where the students asked questions related to why is sustainability important for environment, steps taken by their school for waste management, services done by schools to help their society, etc. It was a tremendous learning experience for the students as they got the opportunity to interact with students from different nations with different ideologies.
The student delegates from our school were Gyanvi Arora, Harshita Agrawal, Lavisha Rajdev, Siddhi Bohra, Manasvi Choudhary and Vedika Shridhar of Class-XI.