Round Square Postcard Event Hosted By San Silvestre School, Lima, Peru

Emerald Heights participated in the Round Square Postcard event, hosted by San Silvestre School, Lima, Peru on the topic, “The Importance of Indigenous Communities in today’s Society”, wherein sixty students from five countries participated. The session started with a formal orientation along with an address by guest speaker, Mr. Ronin Koshi a person from an Indigenous Society of Peru. The speakers eloquently highlighted their contributions to environmental stewardship, cultural diversity, and sustainable practices.
The host school concluded the session with a quiz in relevance to the topic. Arnav Chatterjee took the lead from the beginning and secured the first position.
In conclusion, the discussion on Indigenous societies was an enlightening and thought-provoking event that shed light on the invaluable contributions, challenges, and resilience of indigenous communities. The session served as a reminder of the need for continued dialogue, collaboration, and collective efforts to build a more inclusive and harmonious world for everyone.
The student delegates from our school were Lavisha Rajdev of Class XI, Parth Jain, Vineeta Patidar, Ridam Verma, Saransh Bhaiyya and Arnav Chatterjee of Class XII.