Round Square International Virtual Collaborative Session, Global Boiling- “The Time to Act is Now”

Emeralites participated in the Round Square International Virtual Collaborative session, organised by The Millenium School, Dubai on the theme, Global Boiling-“The Time to Act is Now”. The keynote speaker, Dr. Ramit Debnath from the University of Cambridge took the virtual stage, delivering a detailed presentation on the effects of climate change.
It was immense pride to witness that among the eight presentations in the Barraza event, a remarkable four were spearheaded by our students, Vivek Lulla, Saher Bariyawal and Tejeshwi Solanki of Class-XI and Ashita Agrawal of Class-X, each delivering an outstanding performance.
Other student delegates represented our school were, Arusha Agrawal, Nikki Agrawal, Maitri Vyas of Class-XI and Shrayti Neema, Trishika Khandelwal and Ansh Shah of Class-X.