Pleasure Of Sharing Event

It is rightly said that the best way to multiply our happiness is to share it with others.

The little Emeralites of Class-UKG experienced the event ‘Pleasure of Sharing’ by spending a day with the children of an NGO, ‘Manavata ki Pehchaan’. The event began with a combined assembly where our students performed a melodious song for them. Children from NGO beautifully recited ‘Dohas’ and showcased their instinctive flair. They enjoyed ‘Musical Chair’ with great excitement followed by a beautiful Wall Hanging Craft. Gifts were distributed to the children as a token of love. Emeralites also took up the initiative of donating their clothes, toys, books, etc. by sharing joy boxes with them.

The motive of the event was to instill the values of sharing, kindness and empathy in our children. The event helped the children to understand the joy that comes from giving.