NCC Air Wing Cadets Of The Emerald Heights International School Underwent A Flying Training In Virus SW-80, A Microlight Aircraft

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) Air Wing Cadets of The Emerald Heights International School underwent a flying training in Virus SW-80, a Microlight aircraft at Devi Ahilyabai International Airport, Indore, M.P. on 23rd April 2024. Emerald Heights four second-year NCC cadets were introduced to simulator training under the guidance of Commanding Officer (CO) Group Captain Parvinder Singh 01 MP Air Squadron NCC Indore, before the actual flying so that they know the basics of the aircraft and can handle the controls. These cadets were given first-hand experience on flying the Microlight Aircraft as a co-pilot with CO as the main pilot. The training was coordinated by our Associate NCC Officer (ANO) Third Officer (T/O) Khushal Singh Chauhan.
The four cadets who underwent the flying training were –

  • JW Cadet Sergeant Riya Kanthali
  • JD Cadet Sergeant Pavit Wadhwa
  • JW Cadet Rewa Sahu
  • JD Cadet Samarth Anjana