Emeralites Won Prestigious Awards In Different Categories At Creò International 2023, 11th International Interschool Festival 

We are very proud to share that Emeralites won prestigious awards in different categories at Creò International 2023: 11th International Interschool Festival, organised by Nehru World School, Ghaziabad, UP. The festival was the combination of online recorded and live events. 

Our students won awards in the following categories:

  • Kaavanjali: Adhira Laad (LKG)  – Outstanding Performance
  • Move to the Beat: Krisha Patodi (LKG) – Outstanding Performance
  • Acting Splendor: Adhira Goyal (UKG) – Excellent Performance
  • Once Upon a Time: Pravik Chopra (UKG) – Excellent Performance
  • Dress Up: Inaya Jain (II) – Excellent Performance
  • How It Works: Diya Chhabra (III) – Excellent Performance
  • Talk A Book: Aratrika Bariyawal (IV) – Merit
  • Shape O Magic: Yashvi Bhondekar (LKG) – Outstanding Performance
  • Sketch It: Vachi Makhija (UKG) – Outstanding Performance
  • Bookmark Making: Abeer Tarte (I) – Merit
  • I- Design: Pravneet Bawa (V) – Noteworthy Performance
  • Think Tank Trivia: Shaurya Jain (VII) – Noteworthy Performance
  • Doodle Art: Gauri Sharma (VIII) – Excellent Performance
  • Word Fabric: Iram Khan (X) – Merit
  • Headline It: Sarthak Rathi (XII) – Outstanding Performance
  • Collage Making: Tisha Mukati (XI) – Outstanding Performance
Heartiest congratulations to all the winners and their mentors for the remarkable achievement. We wish them all the best for all their future endeavours.