Emerald Heights Is Proud To Share The Achievement Of World Records Displaying 41,148 Paintings On The Life Journey Of Lord Shree Ram At Dusshera Maidan, Indore, M.P

We are very proud to share that Association of Unaided CBSE Schools, Indore Sahodaya Schools Complex and Indore Municipal Corporation achieved three World Records of displaying 41,148 paintings on the life journey of Lord Shree Ram on 19th January, 2024 at Dusshera Maidan, Indore, M.P.

The agencies which certified the three records are:

  • World Book of Records
  • Asia Book of Records and India Book of records
  • Golden Book of Records

The paintings were made by the students of the member schools of Association of Unaided CBSE Schools and Indore Sahodaya Schools Complex on the theme, “CHITRON KE MADHYAM SE PRABHU SHRI RAM KI JEEVAN GATHA KA PRADARSHAN”.

There was mosaic art bty the students of Emerald Heights wherein individual tiles were put-up by the chief guests, students and teachers and the final outcome was the beautiful temple of Lord Shri Ram at Ayodhya.
There were splendid dance performance and Nritya Natika displaying the entire Ramayana by the school students.