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About Educational Tours

Educational tours play an important role in educating students in a practical and interesting manner. Students gain a better perspective of the world around them by going on educational tours as they are brought in direct contact with new situations which prepare them for facing challenges in their upcoming professional lives. So taking students to trips that will relate to their academics can help them learn much better. Our educational tours are a part curriculum. We encourage our students to participate in such tours. Our students explored to learn Science, History, Geography and much more.


The Global Research Immersion Programme 2017-18 Singapore


With the objective of creating future oriented global youth, who adorn the society with their scholastic achievements and possess an invincible drive to excel in every sphere of life, the school collaborated with Corporate Gurukul, Singapore, to cultivate exposure with many avenues to help students reach their goals successfully, enhance their latent creativity and talent. The core components of the rigorous program comprised of 60 hours of project training in India along with 20 hours of presentation and personalized assessments at The National University of Singapore (NUS). The Design Thinking expert Ms. Priyanka Khandelwal, CG, said “Humongous transformation could be observed after each training session, which will go with the students a long way. The interdisciplinary learning experiences have showed them the real face of life challenges and the ways to smile despite all odds.” Furthermore, the evaluation and assessment of the tender projects by the Professors of world renowned universities, Dr. Tan (NTU) and Dr. Lisa (NUS) imbibed the spirit of going deep down to dig the essence of knowledge. Let’s see what our students had to say after the program, “Learning Design Thinking as a path to problem solving is the true gift to us, we are now problem solvers, come whatever may!!!”

Trip to “The Land of Rising Sun” 2017-18



The students experienced the culture, cuisine, and breath-taking geography of Japan, which is also known as The Land of Rising Sun through the educational trip organised by the school. It’s an island nation in East Asia with numerous monuments about ancient events. Japan is also a traditional country. So far, they retain their ancestor’s cultures. The students visited the sacred Meiji Shrine, where they got the glimpses of the royal history and were blessed by the noble spirits too and Mt. Fuji where they were thrilled to see the tall and majestic volcano. The outlook of the students towards Science broadened with their firsthand experience at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. A visit to schools in Tokyo was a must. Other than the contrast and similarities students were exposed to an educational culture that gave them a new perspective. Students also had a guided city tour of Tokyo and had a view of the city from Tokyo Tower. Disney Sea served as a time machine as everyone retreated to their childhood the moment they stepped into the theme park. At Kyoto students saw the Nijojo Castle which was loudly speaking of a time lost in the past. It made students imaginative about how things were ‘then’. Students also visited Odaiba and Asakusa Districts, Diver City Plaza for shopping, Toyota Mega Web – Car Showcase, Panasonic Center, Sumida Park and River and, Sensoji Temple.

The Global Immersion Research Programme 2016-17 Singapore


13 students of the Emerald Heights International School embark on a journey to Global Immersion Research Programme, to present their Research Projects and Presentations to the World’s top ranked universities in Singapore, i.e. The National University of Singapore and The Nanyang Technological University. The Research Project was the outcome of 6-weeks in depth research on highly crucial matters of contention. This exercise was a truly productive one, as the students presented their valuable research projects in front of the highly qualified professors, Prof. Chew Soon Beng, Prof. Kim Seng Lee and Prof. Victor Tan  and accomplished insights and motivating critical evaluation from them. The research domains ranged from Business and Science to Economics and Welfare, to Science and Space and Business and Design wherein 8 students from the Daly College also chipped in.

USA Tour 2016-17


For the children of today’s world, the rate of technological development has taken the wonder and amazement we felt, even though each new advancement solicits greater awe. The Enizio educational trip to the United States returned that feeling of amazement and wonder to the children in a delightfully short period of time. Inizio education organized an educational trip in May this year where students of the Emerald Heights International School participated in great numbers. The trip encompassed the Kennedy Space centre, Universal studios, Disney Land, New York city, Niagra falls, Boston city, Harvard and MIT University. The Kennedy Space centre ignited a natural curiosity towards the final frontier and the scientists interacted with the students, explaining to them the procedure and technicalities of space related procedures. Following a briefing the students were then shown a life size model of the Apollo 11 rocket ship which made them realize the enormity, in all senses of the word, of the task that was accomplished in that ship. The next encapsulating moment was the film of the disaster that was averted by Neil Armstrong during the landing on the moon, when they were running low on fuel and had to move out of the planned way due to unfavourable conditions for landing. With a mere seconds worth of fuel remaining in the vessel, the astronauts managed to make a safe landing, and the students finally let go of the breaths they had not realized they had been holding on to. The trip was a perfect balance of learning and having fun. People of all ages had a gala time at the Universal studios and at Disney land. The wonderfully organized and perfectly planned schedule made it possible to make the most of each place. Niagra Falls was not just a scenic view but an amazing experience that left us filled with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of mother Earth. And to add on top of such an exciting experience, we witnessed the waterfall from the legendary Maid of the Mist. One of the best aspects of the trip was the tours we got at Harvard and MIT University. At both the world renowned universities we got personalized tours from the current students over there which reflected the culture at the universities perfectly. With the best brains in the world under one roof, innovations are but a must and our students also took a part in the innovative process by participating in a robotics workshop where they were helped by the college students in creating robots that operated by detecting colours, sounds, and pen made paths. To reiterate, the educational trip was a perfect blend of fun and education and was a memorable experience for all of us.