The Emerald Heights International School


Discussion with Distinguished Alumni for prestigious programmes of IIM and Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)

One of the most prestigious programmes of IIM Indore, IPM, seems to be a rock mountain to even deserving and promising students. Nonetheless, if made easier at the right time, through right people, it can be made attainable.
Adhering the same, our Career Counselling Department invited our alumni Akshat Karlukar (Third year student at IIM, IPM) and Achal Gupta (Second year student at IIM,IPM) to induct the juniors aspirants for the same. Ranging from the preparation of entrance tests and handling tricky questions in interview rounds, to the college life at IIM, they pictured every aspect very beautifully, with pragmatic nuances.
The attendees are now confident of the big picture and are geared up to nail the competency.