The Emerald Heights International School


Young Emeralite Aarush Kumar Singh developed an AI powered virtual assistant, JARVIS

Jarvis’ is an AI powered virtual assistant app developed by Emeralite, Aarush Kumar Singh of Class-VII, who is a diehard fan of Marvel’s End Game character hence titled his creation so.

The application is at an initial stage at this point. However, he envisions advancing the application to a fully functioning app for both, web and mobile, in order to ease day-to-day tasks for the users.

It’s remarkable to note that this creation is a sole effort and also an outcome of self-learning Coding via YouTube videos. Aarush has set an example for the young kids that abundance is within and one needs to unleash the potentials.

We are conscientious of his AI acumen, and support him in his endowments. 

Great going Aarush, keep up the good work!!!