The Emerald Heights International School


Emeralites delegated at the Virtual Round Square Conference hosted by The Athenian School, USA

The students of our school delegated at the Virtual Round Square Conference hosted by The Athenian School, Danville, California, USA entitled “Finding Common Ground”. The conference brought together more than 180 students from Global Round Square Schools around the world. 

The conference was a spectacular experience for students as they discussed the problems and issues they are concerned about with students from all over the world. Through discussion in barazza sessions, students got a chance to understand and look at issues from a global outlook. 

During the conference, the students even heard Keynote Speaker Kalyan Ali Balavenv JD, the outgoing Director of Teaching and Learning at The Athenian School, and founder of The Inclusion Dashboard Consortium, who writes frequently on the theme of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

The students even presented a poster that included problems and arguments which interests them, from ‘Analysing the Covid-19 measures taken by the Indian government’ to ‘Human activities: Causes of changing climate patterns’ to ‘Cultural Restoration for countries’ progress’. 

Other than gaining knowledge and understanding the global aspect, students made friends from different countries and memories they can cherish forever. 

Overall it was an astounding, informative and knowledgeable experience for the students.

The school representatives were Jeet Totla, Anahita Naidu, Sahil Chawla, Prisha Dawani, Chahak Chawla, Ananya Maheshwari, Sakshi Mota of Class-XI and Vanshika Gupta of Class-X.