The Emerald Heights International School


Emeralite Radhika Agrawal wins the First Phase for her Innovation of Complete Coffee Cup in the First ever CV Raman Young Researchers Program in collaboration with the Shoolini University

We are extremely proud to share that Emeralite Radhika Agrawal of Class-XI and her innovation of Complete Coffee Cup has cleared and won the first phase of the first ever CV Raman Young Researchers Program, securing the first position, in collaboration with the Shoolini University. 

The innovation was completed after 5 months of hard work and training along with the university’s faculty and aims to eliminate plastic accompanied with disposable coffee cups in forms of straw, lid and inner coating through changes in design, input materials and manufacturing.

Radhika will now be moving ahead with the next phase of the program where they will work on getting the innovation patented. 

We are extremely proud of her achievement and the laurel that she has brought to the school!