The Emerald Heights International School


Emerald Heights organized 2-Day Grand Indian Universities’ Expo-2021 supported by Krea University


Takshshila – The Centre for Career and Global Studies at the The Emerald Heights International School organized a 2-Day grand Indian Universities’ Expo-2021, supported by Krea University. The objective of the expo was to debunk the myths on career selection and educate students on changing trends in the work industry. The expo was a grand success wherein 20 eminent Indian universities collaborated to bring out the quintessential facets while choosing the course or a college.

The Day-1 set the context on how to plan the career and get prepared to embark on the journey to be a happy person in the face of uncertainties. This day consisted of an interactive and interwoven workshop on “Curious Case of Careers” by Ms. Kala Anand, Krea University, a session on skills for the modern world of work by Ms. Poornima Iyengar from IBM Global University Programs, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. and, significance of diagnostic tools/debunking common myths by Ms. Smriti Singh Bhati and Ms. Meenu Arora, highly experienced counselors from City Montessori School (CMS) Lucknow and Krea University respectively.

Day-2 consisted of the spectacular College Fair wherein students presented the university slides, insightful panel discussions by university representatives and individual university breakout rooms for one-on-one interaction.

Nothing could be more meaningful and thoughtful than such initiatives to help our students make educated life decisions.