The Emerald Heights International School


Emeralites win Virtual Painting and Poem Competition on Road Safety organized by Indore Traffic Police and Eicher Group Foundation

To create awareness among students and youngsters about the road safety, Reserve Indore M.P. Police Organization under Eicher Group Foundation and Indore Traffic Police organized virtual competitions of painting, poem and drama wherein students from all across Indore participated.

In the painting competition, Gauri Sharma Class-V of our school won runner-up position at the state level on the theme, Traffic Awareness.

In the poem competition, there were two streams of selection, in the ‘popular’ category that harnessed public opinion over Instagram to select the top contributions, our two students bagged the Top-2 positions, Anish Sharma and Daksh Joshi of Class-X.

In the second category, specially constituted jury selected Top-12 poems, wherein four poems of our students made into the list. Devyanshi Dubey Class-VIII, Jay Jat, Nikunj Mandhana and Raghav Baheti Class-X secured second, fourth, fifth and eighth positions respectively.

The selected poems of the students in the jury category would be used by the Indore Police to design mementoes to be presented to high ranking personnel.