The Emerald Heights International School


Emeralites Participated in the Virtual Round Square Zoom Postcard organized by Roedean School, South Africa

Our students participated in the Virtual Round Square Zoom Postcard organized and hosted by Roedean School, Johannesburg, South Africa on the theme “UBUNTU: What is in a name?”. The conference brought together more than 110 students from 18 Global Round Square Schools from Jordan, Peru, India, Germany, Oman, the USA and South Africa. The conference was an astounding experience for the students.

Varying individuals, languages, cultures, attires and names coming together was the essence of this conference. The students took a virtual trip of South Africa as they learnt about their culture, language and traditions.

The conference commenced with a warm welcome from the Roedean School’s students after which the students were told about UBUNTU meaning humanity to others. Then the students were distributed in separate Barraza’s with a diversity of students from different countries and schools where they started with discussing the meaning of their name, talked about their traditional ethnic attire and got to know about the African culture and traditions. Eventually, the students shared their experience in the closing ceremony with the other students and the host school.

Overall it was an exceptional, informational and knowledgeable experience for all the students.

The Students were:-Jeet Totla, Sambhav Kataria, Kuhu Garg, Sahil Chawla, Muskaan Somani Class-X, Quanisha Saboo, Vainavi Vadnere and Shlok Mundhra Class-XI.