The Emerald Heights International School


Emeralites Won Prestigious Awards at the eMUN, one of the First and Largest Virtual MUN Series in the World

At the Emerald Heights, we believe that students’ growth should never stop even during challenging times.

We are proud to announce that our students won prestigious awards at the eMUN, one of the first and largest virtual Model United Nations (MUN) series in the world. The eMUN was conducted by SkillSphere Education on the theme, ‘Exploring Regional Perspectives’.

Emerald Heights believes in the holistic development of a child and feels that MUNs are the right place where students can discuss, deliberate, debate, and research on global issues and national affairs.

In the MUN our students role-played as global leaders discussing issues of international importance. They discussed a range of pressing issues across the world from addressing the Issue of the South China Sea to Reforming NATO Policy in Light of Changing Geopolitics and working on effective solutions to ensure international peace, stability and development. The students showed a range of skills including diplomacy, problem-solving and critical thinking. The winners were-

European Union Committee-

  • Manveer Pratap Rathore Class-VI : Outstanding Delegate
  • Arnav Chatterjee Class-IX : Best Delegate
  • Shriya Agnihotri Class-VIII : Special Mention

Arab League Committee-

  • Punya Khemani Class-VI : Special Mention
  • Avni Chadha Class-VIII : High Commendation

ASEAN Committee-

  • Riya Dutta Class-IX : Best Delegate
  • Neev Turakhia Class-VIII : Special Mention
  • Suryanshi Sharma Class-IX : Verbal Mention