The Emerald Heights International School


Emeralites participated in the Global Education Benchmark Group’s Virtual Student Dialogue Series between India and US

Our students participated in the Global Education Benchmark Group’s Student Dialogue Series. The students discussed and conversed from ‘how components of our identities have impacted and responded, individually and societally to the COVID-19 pandemic?’, ‘economic, environmental, and ethical implications of the similarities and differences among our experiences’ to ‘learning about engaged citizenship and leadership through these experiences and conversations’. The session commenced with students perceiving on the words: CONVERSATION, DISCUSSION, DEBATE and DIALOGUE. After which all of the students were sorted into different breakout rooms with 10 students in each room.

With a diversity of students from the United States, The Russian federation, China and India discussed on the components of the identities of human beings where students brought a competitive degree of how lives were before the pandemic and after the pandemic. We discussed how festivals in not only India but across the world lost their importance because of the pandemic. We also put in our views about how we, individually and societally tackled the pandemic from trauma to truck load of migrants. How different countries saw a downfall in economy to an upgrade in the environment. And with a positive note we put a rest to the dialogue by discussing how we can help more and more people and how we now have to stop with our Netflix.

The students who represented our school were Jeet Totla, Sambhav Kataria, Diya Dusaj and Sahil Valecha Class-X.