The Emerald Heights International School


Emerald Heights successfully conducted its first ever Virtual Summer Camp 2020 – Stay Inside, Stay Engaged

Learning must go on – School buildings are closed but not education

The Emerald Heights International School conducted its first ever Virtual Summer Camp 2020 – Stay Inside, Stay Engaged so that our students use this lockdown in a productive and fun way. The camp was successfully conducted for the students of classes VI to VIII from May 14-30, 2020. The 15 days camp, which was optional for the students offered multitude of activities including robotics, visual arts, dance, music, dramatics, yoga, and various sports activities which witnessed enthusiastic participation from our students.

Visual Arts
In the activity students learnt paper craft work, clay art, glass painting, digital art, best out of waste, and calligraphy. Each of the creation of the students were unique. It was fascinating to see how students combined their thoughts, feelings, and information into visual displays, which also develops an aesthetics sensibility and creativity in them.

The virtual robotics class provided our students with a platform to enhance their skills through experiential learning. The students came up with innovative ideas and, the best of them was an automatic hand sanitizer with a heat sensor.

In the Helen O’Grady dramatics activity, the students explored various characters and showcase their dramatic skills. During this activity the students developed skills such as storytelling, creative thinking, acting and public speaking.

Music and Dance
Our students were equally engrossed in learning vocal and instrumental music along with the Indian classical folk and western dance styles in the dance and music activity.

In the yoga session our students practice different poses and meditation techniques, cherishing every stretch and be energized with each breath. Yoga, a holistic method of fitness not only reduces stress and anxiety but, also promote physical well-being and boosts immunity.

Sports Activities
We conducted live online sessions for different sports activities including athletics, sport climbing, badminton, basketball, chess, handball, hockey, judo, karate, taekwondo, tennis, squash, etc. Our sports coaches lead special sports sessions to help sports teams and students physically fit through the lockdown.