The Emerald Heights International School


Emerald Heights hosts its very first Virtual Inter-House MUN 2020

The school, for the very first time, organized an Inter-House Virtual Emerald Heights Model United Nations 2020 (EHMUN2020) that ventured forth to convene committees whilst enjoying the comforts of home.

The conference began with the motivational speech of our Director, Mr. Siddharth Singh, Chief Guest of the Opening Ceremony wherein he enlightened the delegates with his words of encouragement during these hard times. The speech was taking place in seven different committees simultaneously.

Delegates preserved the MUNing spirit, during these difficult times, to establish peace and harmony amongst their countries and uphold the human rights of their citizens. The MUN, held from June 12-13, 2020, observed compelling debates and intriguing discussions across all seven committees with prevalent agendas reviewing world issues such as the world dynamics amidst COVID19 in the World Health Organization (WHO), and the potentiality of increasing North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) involvement in the Middle East. The MUN also observed deliberations on the rights of prisoners of war in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and a mission to resolve the degrading Libyan crisis under the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The Disarmament and Security Council (DISEC) committee aimed at the moderation of fourth-generation warfare, while the senators of the US Senate discussed the de-legalization of the electoral college and popular vote while imposing arbitrary restrictions on the Press. To keep the ink of journalism moist, the Press Corps also published the first issues of the E-Communard, EHMUN’s virtual newspaper. Be it the aspects of conducting the EHMUN’20 on a virtual platform, or the urgency of the issues discussed, the two days, defined by exciting and entailing sessions, witnessed unique experiences never encountered before.