The Emerald Heights International School


Emerald Heights Career Guidance Counselor Positioned in 2019-20 College Board Counselor Recognition Program

The Emerald Heights Career Counseling Department has been successful in shaping prospective applicants right from their eighth grade which has immensely contributed in upholding the school’s ideology of early and overall development of a student. Not only this, the department has been successfully maneuvering oversees applications and contributing to the student-alumni network. In the spirit of Internationalism, the school has to its credit several satisfied international alumni who, time and again, be a part of panel discussions and interactions. In addition, we have been instrumental in enhancing the school’s outreach by organising innumerable university fairs, both local and international, and has brought about a rational wave of thought and future planning. In two years, the school has witnessed a steady increase in parent satisfaction and enthusiasm over college applications; we have also had an increasing amount of parents willing to explore more major and liberal arts for their child’s future.

 In all of this, we congratulate our school counselor, Mrs. Vandana Murjani for not only being recognized by the school, but also The College Board, US organization. By far, Mrs. Vandana and her department has been the backbone of student development and we congratulate and   acknowledge her efforts and dedication, which has been nothing short of remarkable.