The Emerald Heights International School


Emerald Heights Robotics Teams to Represent State at the IRC International Robotics Competition to be held in London in June 2020

We feel proud to share that two robotics teams of the Emerald Heights International School brought laurels by winning 1st and 3rd positions at the IRC School League Season-10 National Robotics Competition in the middle level category and qualified for the international level to be held in London in June 2020. The national competition was held at Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi from December 14-15, 2019. Both the teams represented Emerald Heights at the nationals after qualifying in the regional round. The theme of the competition was “Bot-Olympics”. The teams will not only represent city but also the state as they are the only teams to have qualified for the internationals from Madhya Pradesh. Five teams qualified for the international competition from more than 200 teams representing their respective schools competing at the IRC School League Nationals from pan India. The wining students received sponsored trip to London for international competition with certificate and trophy. The students had to prepare auto boot robots, which means that the robots should automatically take instructions and complete the task. The task allotted to middle level students was based on preparing an auto boot robot to help Olympians. The task to pick up a stone and throw it to a certain distance and it was performed by the robots successfully.

IRC School League Nationals is the culmination of all qualifiers held in IRC School League:Season 10 for junior, middle and senior level categories. The top-3 teams of
each category qualified for the nationals from 14 qualifiers held nationwide.

The winners of middle level were-

1st Position

  • Shreejal Mehta Class-VIII
  • Soham Chansarkar Class-VIII
  • Anand Singh Panwar Class-VIII
  • Shivam Gupta Class-VIII

3rd Position

  • Nidhish Joshi Class-VIII
  • Karan Modi Class-VIII
  • Huzaifa Malu Class-VIII
  • Dev Singi Class-VII