The Emerald Heights International School


Emerald Heights organized Field Trips for the Students

Field trips provide great opportunities for the students to learn in a new environment, which is beyond the walls of classroom and make real world connections to what they have read or learned in the class. This year students of Classes UKG & II visited Chocolate Factory and, Class-III visited Apna Sweets and Confectioneries. The students were very excited and full of curiosity and, ready to set off on a mission of exploration. With teachers and factory owners acting as guides, the students visited the production sites and learned what are the raw materials used, where are they sourced from and how the machines process them into final products including chocolates, candy, wafer chocolates, sweets, etc. The visit was followed by the games related to chocolates, played by the children enhancing self-awareness, teamwork and communication. The trip was very entertaining and informative for the students.