The Emerald Heights International School


Emeralites win awards for the Best Project and Best Journalist at 4th E-Summit organized by Choithram School

The students of the Emerald Heights won the awards for the Best Project and Best Journalist at the 4th E-Summit organized and hosted by Choithram School, Indore, M.P. from November 15-17, 2019. Soumya Khemani, Aashka Zaveri, Suryansh Agrawal and Samarth Goyal of Class-XI won the Best Project award, which was the highest award of the event and Shanaya Mishra Class-XI was recognised as the Best Journalist. E-summit 2019 at Choithram School, Manik Bagh started on 15th November with a wonderful opening ceremony wherein the students listened to Mr. Tejas K. Jain. The theme of the event was ‘Harry Potter’. There were four different aspects to the summit – The Startup Expo, The Simulation Game, Workshops on Entrepreneurship, and Journalism. In the Startup Expo, four students of our school participated where they designed a business model, talked to real time investors, created a document on all sorts of details including organisational planning, financial planning, marketing planning, operational planning and human resource management. Further, they presented their ideas in front of the jury. Six students of our school participated in the simulation game wherein teams were distributed at random by the host school and each team had to come up with an innovative idea to solve a given problem. Two students of our school participated in Journalism wherein they had to cover the entire event. Two students participated in workshops which gave them an insight into different kinds of entrepreneurial ventures. The E- Summit is a platform for school going students to showcase their ideas and convert it into business through the startup program.