The Emerald Heights International School


Emerald Heights organized Parents Orientation Session with School’s Career Counselor

With the changing higher education trend, we see a significant change in the study destinations of our students. Realizing the need of global engagement for the optimum success, more students have demonstrated interest in studying abroad. While most students have the potentials for novel placements, the parents get panic due to the unawareness on the application process, application requisites and most importantly, the timelines. Believing in collaborative approach for the students’ success, the counseling department invited the interested parent body to educate them about the many benefits and timely actions. “Most interestingly, US admissions let you choose the major of your interest. This really makes a big difference since the students get to work in the field they are passionate about. They can change their majors without any hassles. I have seen how their perspectives change dramatically when they start managing things all by themselves. Let’s all help our kids make smart choices”.