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Emeralite Anisha Banthia Talks About How to Crack IIT Being a Regular Student

Anisha Banthia, our proud alumni who cracked IIT being a regular school student highlighted the significance of meticulous time management and regularity in attending school for the complete success in IIT in a session held on August 19, 2019 in our school. Anisha, a current student at IIT Delhi, Electrical Engineering, strictly warned her juniors against the mad hoax of joining dummy school for the want of success in IIT. Her main emphasis was on regularity in attending school to possess strong grip over the quintessential basics, which otherwise goes ignored in coaching classes.

“In general, try to write down steps or mechanisms involved in the reaction. Try to learn it and write it down without looking at reference material. Iterate over and over to get into onto head. Also, getting an essence of mechanism will help you in recalling reaction if you don’t remember it well,” said Anisha during her interaction with the juniors aspiring for IIT.

The attendees were quite motivated and got useful insights on how to balance school and IIT preparation without affecting the result of any.