The Emerald Heights International School


Deep Dive into the Ocean of Law

Apart from hosting the university delegates, we believe hosting our own successful alumni, so that the pros and the cons of a particular chosen area is well narrated through the real life experiences. Adhering the same, we exposed our law aspirants to an interactive session with our alumni, Apoorvi Jha.

“Academic excellence does not count for success in the profession of law, it’s indeed the professional competency acquired through experience which is the benchmark of success”, she said.

She shared her thrilling experiences of the moot courts, the debates in the classrooms, and the feeling of supremacy on being understood the jargon riddled, jaded and demanding texts of the law. She also motivated the students by highlighting that being law students definitely meant something different and extraordinary.

Before concluding the session, she warned about some petty moves in the law schools when it comes to make it to a certain moot court competition or to qualify for a certain prestigious competition. The head butting is high, the adrenaline level is high, and the worst part is, being high is the only courageous option to get through all of it.

Harshwardhan Chouhan, XII grader, also gave some meaningful insights from his research on the law as career, which gave much clarity to the aspirants.