The Emerald Heights International School


Emerald Heights Hosted MP’s First National Sports Climbing Competition

The Emerald Heights International School hosted the 23rd National Sports Climbing Competition on December 27-30, 2017. The four days long national championship witnessed spectacular performances by the national and international players.  This was the first ever national sport climbing championship that was held in MP on a 15m tall artificial climbing wall.

The south zone emerged as the winner of the competition. Climbers from south zone bagged 4 gold, six silver and eight bronze medals bringing their total to 18 which is highest in the medals tally. The west zone stood at the second spot with four gold five silver and four bronze. North zone had to settle down for the third spot. Services and police force settled at the sixth and seventh spot respectively. Pratiksha Arun and Bharat Stephen from south zone won climbing event at the 23rd National Sport Climbing Championship on Friday. Following Pratiksha in the same category, north zone’s Shivpreet and Cheya Amila settled down for second and third position respectively. In the boys’ category, Bharat was followed by west zone’s Vicky Bhalerao and north zone’s Kumar Gaurav on the second and third spot respectively.

“Lead climbing involves a long route set on a vertical wall, wherein the athlete has one attempt to ascend as high as possible, attaching the rope to the safety equipment whilst climbing,” said Akram Khan, chief sports officer at the Emerald Heights International School. “He or she is judged by how far and height gained during the climb in the given time limit (usually 6 minutes),” he said.

In the sub-junior boys’ category of the lead event, Aman Verma from east zone, Karthik Ayare from west zone and Ritesh from north zone stood at the top three spots respectively. In the girls sub-junior category, east zone’s Anisha Verma won, she was followed by Laxmi Mathang and Purvi Rajpurohit from south zone respectively.

The bouldering event witnessed tough fight for the title wherein Sahil Khan from the west zone emerged as the winner of the boys’ category, who was closely followed by Maibam from east zone and Mritunjay Sharma from north, at the second and third spot respectively. In the girls’ category, Shivani Charakh from the north zone and Shreya Nankar from the west zone and Jayati from the south zone emerged as the winners.

Col. Gen. Raj Shukla from Army War College, National Sport Climbing Chairman – Mr. Ajit Dutta and MP Olympic Association Vice-President – Mr. Om Soni distributed the awards to the winners.The winners of this championship will be selected for the different international events.