The Emerald Heights International School


Emeralites at the Round Square International Conference in South Africa

The students of the Emerald Heights International School attended the Round Square International Conference 2017 (RSIC 2017), hosted by three schools in and around the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa from September 30 to October 05, 2017 on the theme ‘Unite to Ignite the Fire Within’. RSIC 2017 aims to embrace diversity and ignite global change to excite the fire within. The three host schools were St. George’s Grammar School, Bridge House School and St. Cyprian’s School. His Majesty King Constantine, President of Round Square, Mr. Roderick D Fraser, Chairman of Round Square and Rachael Westgarth, Chief Executive of Round Square welcomed all the attendees. The conference provided an amazing opportunity to Learn and demonstrate the immense energy and capacity to make a difference that is generated when different countries, cultures and perspectives come together in peace and harmony, with mutual respect, compassion, social responsibility and with the acceptance and celebration of diversity amongst students. Learning from each other and with each other in very real and practical ways, drawing energy and inspiration from the new ideas and perspectives of fellow students and educators.

The keynote speakers were:

  • Mrs Graça Machel, freedom fighter and first lady, inspiration to women all over the world.
  • Mr Lorne Sulcas, former long-time ranger and an acclaimed photographer who spent more than two decades studying and photographing Africa’s big cats.
  • Dr William Fowlds, renowned South African wildlife vet and rhino specialist who is passionate about wildlife conservation.
  • Caleb Swanepoel, could have given up on life after he lost his right leg during shark attack, but instead he turned the traumatic experience into a career and he is now a South African Adaptive Surfing Champion.