The Emerald Heights International School

French Geniuses

The students of The Emerald Heights International School excelled not only at school level but were also the state toppers in 6th International French Language Olympiad-2016-17 ( IFLO16 ) conducted by the Silver Zone Foundation , New Delhi. They secured a percentile in the range of 88 to 98.


  •  Class 10th à Sumedh Rathi (Gold), Shubham Jain (Silver) and Akshat Karulakar (Bronze).
  •  Class 9th à Himanshi Lalwani (Gold), Moulik Anand Mishra (Silver) and Saniya Gureja (Bronze).
  •  Class 8th à Akshat Juyal (Gold), Kavya Goyal (Silver) and Ustak Kaur Khanuja (Bronze).
  •  Class 7th à Dhruv Hirani (Gold) , Tanishk Gupta (Silver) and Aniruddh Dhawale (Bronze).