The Emerald Heights International School

Career Counselling & Guidance


Career Counseling is much beyond than just deciding on a ‘Major’ or a job. It is a continuous process that helps the student understands him/her and the world of work, in order to make career, education and life decisions. Henceforth, our career counseling and guidance cell ensures to assist each student in locating resources and sources of career information and help them determine next steps to develop a plan to achieve their goals. The one thread that we really try to touch upon is the vigilance over the choices and decisions made by the students.


As a part of our unending efforts to reach out to the potentials of the students, we keep initiating wonderful and informative experiences for our students to get updates on the study options available worldwide. Attuning the same, we proudly hosted seven Australian Universities in our school campus. The students of Class-XI & XII were benefitted with the interactive session with the university delegates and got a broad spectrum on the Admission Assessments, Availability of Scholarships, Visa Application, Course Selection, University Campus, Entrance Exams and many other aspects related to the higher education.


With the rapid growth in the career big blue marble, the onus of taking out the young aspirants from the self-sabotage lies on our shoulders. Choosing the right career option amidst the plethora of subject combinations and the burgeoning institutions in India and abroad, therefore, eventually comes out to be the utmost. With this surge of interest, exclusive Career Days Workshops were conducted for the students of Class-IX to XII wherein the students were educated about the various blends in order to satisfy their personal need.

The Workshops were:

  • Combinations of Streams : Class-IX
  • Changing Trends in Humanities : Class-X
  • Engineering Branches – What is Engineering All About??? : Class-XI & XII (PCM)
  • Commerce – What’s In and What’s Out??? : Class-XI & XII (Commerce)


Dialogues on Design (D on D) is an event congenial for the students aspiring to pursue their career in the arena of designing was hosted in the school. The students from various schools of the town attended this gala event.

D on D was an initiative of the Emerald Heights International School and the Indian Institute of Arts and Designing, Mumbai (ISDI), to seed and nurture the idea of design amongst young aspirants. The Director and Co-founder of ISDI, Mr. Siddharth Shahne and Med-tech Entrepreneur, Mr. Mihir Shah housed the idea of designing thereby giving insights on design pathways and answered various queries that otherwise go unanswered. The convivial session was followed by a series of hands-on workshops designed for aspirants to unravel the untapped creative potentials in 4 major domains:

  • Fashion Designing
  • Interior Designing
  • Product Designing
  • Communication Designing

Overall, it was an immersive and diverse pool of experience that will enable the aspirants to be well prepared to embark upon the design trajectory in the years to come.


We believe in making continuous remarkable differences to the career selection and preparation of our students. Henceforth, we believe in taking the onus of connecting and creating cultural understanding thereby exposing them to the global mass extinctions and career supportive services.

We believe global education to be extremely substantial in these rapidly changing times because the world today is interconnected and interdependent. Our children need to be the successful global citizens.

Attuning the same rhythm, the school hosted nine renowned American Universities to create a counseling-focused and personal experience. The university representatives not just shared their program details, but also helped students discover the most appropriate educational pathways, through personal interaction with them.

The Universities were:

  • Washington & Jefferson College, Washington
  • University of Oklahoma, Norman
  • University of California, Irvine
  • University of Buffalo, The State University of New York
  • SUNY Plattsburgh, New York
  • Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah
  • Ohio University, Athens
  • New York Film Academy, New York
  • Hillsborough Community College, Tampa


To get an edge with the global education and acquaintance with its criteria, we strive to help our students achieve their goals and reach the acme.

This calls for the customized strategy and guidance in finding the right standardized tests and right fit institution. The key objective of our career counselling and guidance cell is to strengthen awareness towards the substantial requirements and admission procedures of the institutions overseas. Henceforth, rendezvousing the students with the relevant resource person comes to pivotal. Attuning the same, we hosted a session with Ms. Lisa Jain, College Board Country Representative, wherein she unwrapped the essential information on standardized tests such as SAT v/s ACT and TOEFL v/s IELTS.

The highlight of the session was to educate the students with the information on the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program (AP), through which they can further earn college credits and distinguish themselves from the rest of the applicants.

We also feel honoured to announce that The Emerald Heights International School is now the First AP Test Center in MP.


The school premises abuzzed with the verve of curiosity and enthusiasm during the One-to-One Counseling Sessions of the students of Class-X. In order to raise the bar in the selected subject, the career counselling and guidance cell ensured that our students are furnished with the information and exposure to the facts and data relevant to their field of study. This will enable them to build on and excel in their professional careers thereby moulding their identity.

The entire week long counseling course of action helped the students and their parents to better understand their child’s interests, thought process and latent potentials, so that they make the right choice and the right decision for abounding success which they richly deserve.


A workshop on Effective Study Skills was conducted for the students of Class-IX to XI. The session being chaired by the renowned Educational Psychologist, Counselor Trainer and Teacher Educator, Dr V. K. Ravindran. The session was highly substantial and would certainly embellish the performance of the students. The key points of the workshop were Time Management, Concentration Cues and Do’s And Dont’s while preparing for the exams. It was not only engaging but interesting too, as it captured the attention and enthusiasm of each student, without giving vent to any monotony. The workshop was followed by the question answer round. Overcoming all hesitations, the students raised relevant and intelligent queries, which were acknowledged with in-depth explanations.


Selection of appropriate career is the backbone to successful and satisfying future prospects. Adhering the same, we emphasise on creating the ethos that proves to be lucrative to the students. The exuberant event Symposium on Higher Education was hosted in the school premises with the objective to provide an opportunity to students to obtain unbiased and authentic career information and also to equip them with the knowledge of the scientific process of choosing careers and courses.

The event was staged by the panel of career counsellors and other experts headed by the renowned Educational Psychologist, Counsellor Trainer and Teacher Educator, Dr. V.K. Ravindran.

Dr. V.K. Ravindran, Mr. Siddharth Singh and Mr. Keshav Singh, with their varied experiences, cleared the clouds of the myths and misconceptions associated with the career selection, briefed and debriefed about the information disseminated, and safeguarded the interests of students by enlightening them with the right kind of career decisions to be conceived.

Around 1200 aspirants and 50 educators and counselors from across the town attended the lucrative event. The lofty bonanza was a super success in imparting the rapid and myriad changes in the higher education landscape of the country.